Paper Shooters instruction design说明书设计

Mike is a young and great designer, he designs a brand new paper shooters and I create the instruction for this product. This paper shooter  was included plastic components, springs, screws and paper cardboards, customers will follow the instruction to assemble product themselves, it’s  complicated and I have A3 to tell.


The instructions were updated.说明书更新了~

Sculpted Tree

fatlute tree sculpted by Sam

I sculpted this tree for Tree House Kids Inc at Bang Creations, this is a part of our new ideas that we would like to present. Usually, we have a sculpture master to do these jobs, but this time, I sculpt it myself for fun, I’m lucky that I can found a file, a knife and a lighter for sculpture though there isn’t professional sculpture tools at Bang’s office.

It’s happy to share with you how I sculpt it, please continue reading for more images. Thanks!

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